We asked one question to 160 Aspiring, Middle and Senior Leaders in our Leading from the Middle programme: what does it take to grow into an excellent middle leader?

Have a goal to start with. Even better, have a cause. A strong cause helps guide your project towards a meaningful and valuable outcome.

There’s no such thing as a small change. Change meets with resistance whatever it is. A simple, clear vision with concrete ideas is a starting point…

Education Scotland, the professional learning authority of the country, has endorsed NoTosh’s middle leadership programme.

This is what they said:

The programme is well-structured as a series of three sprints through which participants progress as they work from vision and strategy to action and reflection on action. The content is delivered flexibly, focussed in discrete blocks with supporting online materials. …

On Friday night, I found myself gawping at the sky along with hundreds of others across Edinburgh. The snow moon entranced us in a way that’s hard for an iPhone photo to capture.

I remember those nights of travel, waiting in Dubai, Doha or Istanbul. Having come off one long flight I’d have to wait a few hours before the next, morning flight would attempt to trick me into believing it really was breakfast time. …

Timetables were abandoned in 2020. Did it suit most people down to the ground?

Morning electricity surges moved forward a couple of hours in 2020, as we all learned how to lie-in again, much like we did as teenagers on vacation. Kettles and toasters were being switched on later in the morning, as we established new routines that maximised on sleep, rather than on…

Ewan McIntosh

I help people find their place in a team to achieve something bigger than they are. NoTosh.com

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